What’s Your SEO Personality Type?

Where do you fall on the SEO spectrum? Why does it matter? We meet one designer after the next who doesn't realize what a powerful marketing tool their website can be. As content marketers (errrr...writers), we're always looking for ways to get your ideas in front of potential clients, and we know without a doubt that your website is home base for your businesses's content. We don't design websites, but we do work with you and your web developer to optimize your site for content. Before we begin, we want to know: When it comes to SEO, are you:


Not gonna lie, I am nutty for SEO and constantly seeking ways to optimize my website.



SEO gives me a headache but it's a necessary evil (that someone else should take care of for me).


In Denial

SEO is not important because most of my leads come through relationships and networking.


No matter what your view of SEO is, we can help you grow your web presence with proven, objective techniques and additions. Here are some facts and statistics to keep in mind as you grow your marketing plan:

Start with search

93% of the time, people begin their online session with a Google search. Will they find you?

Click organic links

When people click on links, 70% they choose organic links as opposed to paid/promoted links.

Stay on 1st page

When viewing search results in Google, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of results.

Use Google

Yes, there are other search engines. But Google accounts for 76% of searches, the vast majority.

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