Use Humor to Sell Your Design Services

Use Humor to Sell Your Design Services

Do you incorporate humor in your sales pitch when you are selling your design services? Do you bond with your clients by sharing the same sense of humor? Do your witty comments and your funny puns make you a more pleasant business person? The best salespeople use humor to sell.

Yes, you’re a designer and own your design business, you have to put on your salesperson hat and own that role, or you won’t grow. Consider that content marketing (eNewsletters, blog posts, social media posts, etc) are all a part of your sales efforts, and humor has a place in them.

The Importance of Humor

I say, make me laugh, make me remember. The most unforgettable ad campaigns are filled with humor. People remember the ads, share the ads with their friends, and – most importantly – want your services.

Often, designers take themselves and their work very seriously. Those who crack jokes stand out! That should be you.

Humour plays an important role in content marketing. According to Nielsen’s extensive research, humor is an important messaging theme that resonates best with European and with North American audiences. The popularity of humorous themes is followed closely by themes that depict real-life situations.

How to Infuse Your Content with Humour

You can sparingly add humor to all your content. For example, puns can easily be inserted into your blog posts. Pictures with funny captions can be transformed into memes. Punchy tweets can be liked and shared galore.

Flow some humor into your whitepapers to retain the reader’s attention. Joke around in your videos and keep the mood light in your podcasts. Even your project descriptions can make your audience giggle.

Find words that rhyme with your business name and pick the funny ones. Consider looking at your marketing channels to determine where you can insert some well-delivered wit or comedy.

Not in the mood to crack a joke? Try googling jokes, or finding funny, inspirational quotes on Pinterest or Instagram.

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