Every Garden Has a Secret: How to Tell Your Story to Your Clients

Every flower has a story and every garden has a secret. As a landscape designer, you are a natural storyteller. You design landscapes that tell a story and create art that expresses a message.

As part your branding, it is important to translate the story your designs tell into a story you can tell your clients. Translate your passion for storytelling and simplify your message to better connect with customers.

Just as landscape design is feast for the eyes, a good story is music to the ears of your clients.

Nothing powers the human brain faster than when you tell your story.

Storytelling Incorporates Answers to Popular Questions

Telling a good story needs strong preparation. Gather all the questions your potential clients might have. Is the garden high-maintenance? How much water will it need?

When the time comes to tell the story, make sure you incorporate the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Answering relevant questions keeps your potential clients engaged and warms up the leads.

Your story should flow seamlessly. It should not be a boring series of questions and answers. Seduce your potential clients with words, just as they seduce their loved ones with flowers.

Storytelling Can Deliver a Clear Message

You must deliver a clear-cut message, a message that is simple, concise, and straight to the point. Why are you better than your competitors? Why should a client do business with you?

By failing to deliver a clear message, you are no longer telling a good story: you are now just making noise. Take a look at your website. Is it easily possible for your customers to understand how you can make their lives better?

For a potential client to be living your story and engaging in your content, they have to understand how you can help them live a better life. So, when was the last time you analyzed your brand message, and all of the corresponding marketing materials and media that you release out into the world?

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