Social Media Tactics

Posting regularly is only the beginning.

To set themselves apart, designers must bring their audience on a journey.

When our clients ask for help with social media, we relish the opportunity to devise completely original narratives that will captivate their audience. While it's perfectly fine to randomly post beautiful images with short captions, telling your story is more likely to translate into new clients. Anyone can post a pretty picture, but only you have your story. Your power as a designer resides in your talent, your skill, and your relationships ... all of that adds up to your story.

Your posts should convey your perspective as a designer, allowing your audience to see what you see, go where you go, and know what you're thinking. By giving your audience a window into your world, you create a level of intimacy that is so often missing in business social media feeds. And it doesn't stop there: layering in images of your projects as well as useful design tips adds value to your feed. Value is what keeps your audience coming back for more.

How much do you know about social media?

Recommend you

71% of your clients will recommend you if they have had a good social media experience with you.

Make an impact

Only 20% of facebook posts generate an emotional response. That means you have an opportunity to stand out.


Instagram posts that tag a location have a 79% higher engagement rate than posts that don't.

To set themselves apart, #designers must use social media to bring their audience on a #journey.

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