Project Features

You don't have to wait for a 

magazine to take notice.

Create your own feature to 

promote your work.

That special project you designed that showcases your point of view? It deserves in-depth coverage. Too often, designers give up if their pitches to publications fall flat. Here's what we know: if a magazine rejects your project, it usually has nothing to do with your project. With years of being magazine editors under our belts, we know editors need to fill space in their pages with stories that fit a certain theme, cover a certain geographic region, or appeal to advertisers. Many great stories go unpublished. 

It doesn't have to end there. We can help you create your own feature to use as mart of your marketing efforts. It will have all the polish you would expect of a magazine. To write the story of a project you've designed, we learn about all aspects of your philosophy and the work you have done to create a particular space. We find a great design photographer to shoot it if you don't already have professional images. Then we give the elements to our designer, who creates a beautiful layout.

Some features we created

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10 Ways to Use Your Feature

  • Add it to your website
  • Share it on social media
  • Print and mail it to potential clients
  • Print and mail it to past clients
  • Share it with the featured client as a gift
  • Incorporate it in a self-published book
  • Add to your portfolio
  • Hand out copies at trade shows
  • Give to attendees at speaking engagements
  • Make it poster-size and hang in your office

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