Launching an eCommerce site

Stephen Block has been designing gardens and selling gorgeous garden antiques out of his Los Angeles showroom, Inner Gardens, for decades. Leveraging his authority in the field, we launched his eCommerce website, InnerGardens.com, in 2017. The purpose? To make Stephen's own line and incredible antique discoveries available nationwide. The site conveys the elegant sophistication of the Inner Gardens brand and helps customers easily navigate the products Stephen sells. In addition, the site cultivates leads by rewarding eNewsletter sign-ups. We write, build and send his weekly eNewsletter with open and click-through rates more than double the industry standard.

Building a Marketing Program

Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery is a designer based in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to her design work, she has an eCommerce website, shopboxhill.com. The site has become a resource for other designers looking for high-quality, modern furniture and decor. With this foundation, we developed a marketing program for Boxhill that provides a unique user experience for trade professionals and separate marketing content for consumers. We also improved the site's SEO and boosted media relations with landing page content specifically designed to meet the needs of the press.

Writing Project Descriptions

Margie Grace

Margie Grace, lead designer at Grace Design Associates of Santa Barbara, California, has developed an incredible body of work over decades and continues to expand. Every project is magazine-worthy, and her online portfolio is a mind-blowing collection of photos paired with detailed project narratives that encompass the story of the site, client, program, solutions, and memorable moments throughout the project. We wrote these descriptions with the intent that GDA could use excerpts from them for social posts, project descriptions, presentations, and speaking engagements.        

Creating Customized Gifts

Heather Lenkin

Heather Lenkin of Pasadena, California, is an architect, interior designer, and landscape designer whose international studies infuse her gracious, fully-expressed designs with historical references. Galleries of her work can be found at LenkinDesign.com. To thank her clients for working with her and to celebrate completed projects, she creates a custom-published book about their project. We interviewed Heather and her team to learn the details of her projects and pored over site plans and photos to tell the story of each one. The stories were laid out in simple, elegant formats and perfect bound, to be gifted to clients. This content can also be repurposed for social posts, project descriptions, presentations, and speaking engagements.