Portfolio Writing

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is only with text that the full story is told.

Gorgeous, high-resolution images of projects are an important part of any design firm's website and portfolio, and it is through images that you initially can catch the eye of a potential client, journalist, or fellow designer. It is words that allow you to share the juicy details and ensure that the information you want to convey is what's getting through. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is only with text that the full story is told.

When describing a project for your portfolio, it is crucial to include information about the client, the project's scope, any challenges you may have encountered in the process, and how the goals were achieved. It is great to include special details like materials used and other designers involved. The idea of a portfolio is to highlight your skills and how you put them to use for your clients.

Portfolio Text SEO

Why Understanding Google Matters

Google and other search engines are all about connecting people with the information they seek. Google uses 205 ranking factors to determine which pages and sites are most relevant, and CONTENT is consistently listed among the top 3 factors. Not all content is created equal. Google wants Keywords (in the title, url, headings, metadata, and evenly throughout the text), good Length (at least 300 words per page, but usually more), and Comprehensiveness (there's a reason why Wikipedia is so often ranked first). Kinship can make sure your portfolio text is well received by both people and search engines, so that the right kinds of clients can find you.

Ways to Use Your Portfolio Copy

  • Add it to your website portfolio
  • Share it in social media posts
  • Incorporate it into proposals
  • Make a brochure, print it, and mail it to prospective clients
  • Incorporate it in a self-published book
  • Add to your printed portfolio
  • Educate new employees during training
  • Add to flyers and giive to attendees at speaking engagements

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