Share Your Design Expertise, Grow Your Business

Share your design expertise, grow your business.

How often do you tap your design expertise to deliver authoritative commentary on trends in design via blog posts, video, speaking engagements, or social media? If you aren’t already doing it, here’s why you should:

Sharing is Caring

Architects, interior designers, and landscape designers have specialized knowledge that few others possess. Sharing your knowledge HELPS PEOPLE. If you’re the kind of person who wants to use your platform to benefit others, this is your moment.

Get New Clients

When people recognize your expertise, they think of you first when they need a designer. They also think of you when a friend needs a designer, and they are apt to mention you.

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Develop Your Personal Brand

Putting your knowledge out there in the world gives you a public voice. It’s an extension of your personal brand. Sometimes all that personal brand talk is annoying. Every business coach and business author pushes personal branding. But it doesn’t have to be obnoxious. You can share knowledge in your own true-to-yourself way and truly connect with people.

Build Relationships

Writing blog posts, being a guest speaker, making YouTube videos, and posting to social media doesn’t have to be a “look at me” exercise. It can and SHOULD be about connecting with people and growing relationships. New relationships mean new business.

What Should You Do Next?

Start by looking at what other designers are doing — not to see how you stack up, but to observe the production values and range of quality content out there.

This month we created a series of videos for a client, covering trends at the International Builders Show and Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

Our client New Home Source is already an incredible resource for people who are buying and designing new homes, and with this video series they stepped further into the design realm by covering the major event in their industry. In this case, they hired us to produce the content, and that’s a great avenue if your marketing budget supports it.

But that’s not the only way to go.

You can write blog posts yourself, and have someone on your team or a friend edit it for you. You can use your smartphone to capture footage you want to comment on — that’s exactly what we dod. No professional equipment was used! You can be diligent in posting on Instagram, that most visual of social media channels, like our interior design client C3 Studio does. Check out her feed!

Whatever avenue you choose, keep the focus on sharing knowledge and ideas with your audience. They will thank you for it … with new business!

Photo credit: Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

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Rachel Kinbar

Writer, artist, plus marketing concierge at Kinship Design Marketing.

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