Carmina Marie’s Affordable Design Trends

Carmina Marie's Affordable Design Trends

Kinship Design Marketing visited the 2018 Orlando Home & Garden Show to look for design trends. Walking past booth after booth with wares ranging from floor tiles to solar panels to gutter protectors, we happened upon the booth of Carmina Marie Interior Design. It was like a breath of fresh air, with its cognac and deep blue colors, lux vinyl flooring, and modern lighting and table accents. It was clean and warm with just the right amount of rustic charm. We were already planning to sit in on her presentation, How to Transition a Traditional Home to a Modern One – On a Budget, and after seeing her booth we were really looking forward to it!

One challenge a lot of homeowners face is that what they see in all those gorgeous Pinterest photos is just not affordable or attainable. Carmina is aware of this and offered fabulous and realistic advice for homeowners during her presentation. To her credit, she not only talked about up-front costs, she also talked about durability and maintenance costs.

Carmina Marie’s favorite projects involve homes from the 1920s–1950s. These houses were built differently than contemporary homes, and many of them have lost their character over time due to renovations and other decorating decisions. Carmina loves to restore that unique character, while keeping a modern twist and incorporating design trends.



Matte black finishes are a quick and easy way to update a kitchen or bathroom. These finishes can be either modern or rustic, so they work in a wide variety of spaces. And since not a lot of homes have matte black finishes yet, it will really draw attention in a kitchen or bathroom.

Earth tone colors like cognac and burnt orange were big in the 90s, but were mostly used for walls. We’re seeing them again now, but in a different application. Greys and neutrals have been big these last few years but can feel a bit cold, so adding a bit of cognac color to those greys and neutrals will really pop and add warmth. West Elm or vintage stores have furniture in this color. If you can’t add larger pieces, a throw or rug are inexpensive options.

Moulding feature walls make a really strong statement, and it’s a design element most homeowners wouldn’t think of — but it’s totally doable! As already mentioned, neutral colors have been big, but the thing about monochrome palettes is that they can feel really flat. Adding some texture and design to the walls creates interest in a room. You can hire a carpenter to do this or go DIY with trim from a hardware store. It is a really cost-effective option, and it’s unique!

Luxury vinyl flooring is not the vinyl you’re familiar with. This stuff has texture and is waterproof, beautiful, and high quality. Formerly a commercial product, it has become more affordable for residential projects with prices ranging from $1.50-3.50 per square foot. What’s more is that this is heavy duty flooring, so it won’t fail like laminate. Click-lock vinyl is a little more expensive than the glue-down variety, but a DIYer can handle it alone (which saves money overall). Earthwerks makes beautiful vinyl flooring.

Statement quartz waterfalls are, without a doubt, gorgeous centerpieces for a kitchen. If you’re generally happy with your kitchen but want to add some pizazz, a waterfall island is THE quickest way to update a kitchen. While it can be expensive, it is definitely less than a full renovation. In terms of materials, Carmina recommends quartz in particular because is easier to clean than marble and it doesn’t need to be regularly sealed like wood blocks.

After hearing the presentation by Carmina Marie Interior Design, it was clear that all of this great info about design trends was just the tip of the iceberg of everything she knows. We think it’s fantastic that Carmina is aware of the needs of typical homeowners and we’re excited to follow her work.

You can find Carmina Marie Interior Design on Instagram and Facebook – and check out the portfolio on her website!

Rachel Kinbar

Writer, artist, plus marketing concierge at Kinship Design Marketing.

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