On Coming Home

Julia Reed got me thinking —What does it mean to come home?“I’m home,” she says, walking through the dimly-lit door after being out with her college sophomore boyfriend — who, by the way, is two years older and whom she has dated for close to two years. Her announcement of her arrival never fails to […]

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The Gardens of Bunny Mellon: A Book Review

My most favorite gift at Christmas this year?  A book titled The Gardens of Bunny Mellon, written by Linda Jane Holden with photography by Roger Foley. Born into wealth and eventually marrying into one of the greatest fortunes our country has ever known, Rachel Lambert “Bunny” Mellon was a true tastemaker for her generation up until her death at age […]

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Visual Marketing for Designers: Show ‘Em What You Got

People are sensual beings so we like to experience the world through our senses. We love delicious food, beautiful sunsets, fragrant flowers. These things touch us on an emotional level. When a business or family goes looking for a designer, they’re going to hire someone whose previous work “speaks” to them, work that evokes their […]

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Desert Workshop

Taliesin West

There’s something almost mythical about finally visiting Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wright’s winter home and school of architecture is part of the Frank Lloyd Wright story that I’ve been learning piece by piece through the years of my travels, reading, curiosity and explorations. Right off the mark of the standard 1 ½-hour docent-led tour, […]

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Carmina Marie’s Affordable Design Trends

Carmina Marie's Affordable Design Trends

Kinship Design Marketing visited the 2018 Orlando Home & Garden Show to look for design trends. Walking past booth after booth with wares ranging from floor tiles to solar panels to gutter protectors, we happened upon the booth of Carmina Marie Interior Design. It was like a breath of fresh air, with its cognac and […]

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Effective Content Marketing for Garden Designers

Good content marketing is like establishing deep roots.

When you are new to content marketing, you may be tempted to think that it’s as easy as writing, publishing, and boom – instant results. That would be the equivalent of planting a seed, watering it a little bit, and expecting a full-fledged garden to emerge. Effective content marketing for garden designers can be complicated, […]

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Share Your Design Expertise, Grow Your Business

Share your design expertise, grow your business.

How often do you tap your design expertise to deliver authoritative commentary on trends in design via blog posts, video, speaking engagements, or social media? If you aren’t already doing it, here’s why you should: Sharing is Caring Architects, interior designers, and landscape designers have specialized knowledge that few others possess. Sharing your knowledge HELPS […]

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